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Kairos 2018 Annual Report

It’s hard be believe Kairos has wrapped up the second year of operations, and we’re well down the path of our third. We recently mailed each of our members a copy of the Kairos annual report for the 2018–2019 program year. This year’s report put an emphasis on Kairos as a team. That team is you, your Employer, the Kairos board, our carrier and service partners, and the whole Kairos staff (some of whom you know, some of whom work behind the scenes).

Yes, it’s a big team, and you are key players. As such, we hope you’ll take a look at the annual report, which includes:

  • highlights from 2018;
  • a message from our board president;
  • current board information, and
  • an overview of the new pharmacy benefits for the 2019–2020 plan year.


We’re excited to share this and lots of other information with you. You can find the report at this link:
Kairos Annual Report 2018