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Did you know that you have 24/7 access to licensed physicians from the comfort of your own home, through BlueCare Anywhere?

With BlueCare Anywhere, you can sign in on a computer or mobile device and connect to a live virtual visit with a board-certified medical professional—any day, anytime, anywhere. You can receive treatment for issues such as cold, flu, fever, allergies, respiratory infections, sprains, and strains. Help is available, too, for issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress from life changes. 

For access to a doctor through BlueCare Anywhere:

1. Sign up or log in through, or the BlueCare Anywhere app. 

2. Fill out a brief questionnaire about your symptoms, medications, and health history (first visit only).

3. Select the type of provider you want to see.

4. Choose an available doctor.

5. Pay your cost share. (You may use a credit card, flexible spending account, or health savings account.)

6. If medication is required, choose a pharmacy near you.

7. See the doctor, or schedule an appointment. (Typical wait times are less than two minutes.)

8. Receive a summary of your visit, which you can share with your primary care provider.